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14 April 2016 | A Message from the Centre Manager

To all our customers,
Middlebrook is the largest retail park in the United Kingdom.  It’s excellent location just off Junction 6 of the M61 motorway and its proximity Horwich Parkway railway station gives easy access to customers both travelling in by train and by car, of which there are in excess of 100,000 per week.
Unfortunately this excellent public transport and motorway network is also making Middlebrook extremely attractive to commuters, day trippers and train passengers all of whom park all day on the car parks for free but don’t actually make use of the facilities that Middlebrook has to offer.  This is now reaching a level where I have to look at putting in some controls so that we can keep the car park spaces free for our shoppers, restaurant and cinema goers.
We have conducted extensive research with our retailers and through our ANPR monitoring system we can tell exactly how long cars stay on the car parks. This has helped us identify that a 6 hour maximum stay will not affect our customers but will stop the hundreds of unauthorised commuters using the car parks during the week.
·         6 hour maximum stay Monday to Friday between 7am and 6pm (no return within 2 hours) will start from Tuesday 3rd May.
·         There will be no parking restrictions after 6pm on week days so that our evening customers are fully protected.  Cars will still be able to be left overnight should customers wish to have a drink in one of our many restaurants.
·         There will be no maximum stay at weekends and Bank holidays.
·         Disabled bays will be monitored at all times.
We may also decide at busy times to lift the 6 hour maximum stay to ensure shoppers can stay longer.   
Our number one focus is our customers having a pleasant and enjoyable visit to Middlebrook and FREE, easily accessible parking is part of this strategy.   
I hope that this explains clearly the reasons why we are implementing this policy and shows that it is for the right reasons -  To ensure the best possible experience for all customers visiting Middlebrook Retail and Leisure Park.
Robert Hallworth
Centre Manager